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 The Molecular Biology Wiki


This is the collaborative site of the Biology 312 Molecular Biology course taught by Dr. Christopher Korey. It is the center of our exploration of the course material.  This wiki will become a dyamic page that will serve as a hyperlinked text book that can be continuous and collaboratively updated by the students of the course.  In addition it will allow students to track cutting edge discoveries in Molecular Biology and how they enrich and expand our understanding of the basic principles of governing the expression of a cells genetic material.  As a historical document, it will be maintained and added to by future students of the course, thus becoming a wonderful reference that presents the basic principles of the subject and charts the future directions of the subject.


For brief summaries of current research discoveries that contain links to both popular media descriptions as well as the primary research article go to the Science in the News Page


Biology 312 Course Materials














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